BECK (Mongolian Chop Squad) Manga

After watching and (in spite of the mediocre animation quality) enjoying the Beck anime — it is one of the few I watch as soon as I get them, I tried the manga by Harold Sakuishi. Now I can say that the anime is a very faithful adaption of the manga and that the manga is bloody awesome! It has replaced Yotsubato! as my favourite manga.
In the beginning, it feels a bit “angsty”, but it never loses its humour so that it becomes overwhelming. And when the band finally comes together and plays, the “performance” artwork is excellent and conveys the energy very well. The characters also change, grow and behave believably in their own context. And it had me laughing out loud plenty of times (e.g. Chiba’s “What dream?”).
Highly recommended!

44 thoughts on “BECK (Mongolian Chop Squad) Manga

  1. holden muganda

    You should’ve said adaptation instead of adoption. Also, I
    believe the anime is BLOODY INCREDIBLE!!! You’d best return
    to grammar school you BLOODY BRIT!!! And if your not British
    stop using “Bloody”. You damn Canadian, eh?

  2. [maven]

    Hold your horses. I’ve lived in England for four years, which allows me to use “bloody” as much as I bloody want to. Secondly, I’m not a native English-speaker. But why Canadian?

  3. meier

    Hehe you got so cut. BECK has got to be one of the best music anime ive ever seen.
    gotmilk XD. i’m forming a band now woot. i play lead guitar. swiggedy swiggedy swah.
    “I was made to hit some americans”.lol

  4. holden

    Maven, first off I do not have or own any horses. Secondly,
    where in England’s Constitution, if they have one, does it
    guarantee someone who has lived in Great Britain for four years
    out of their whole life the right to say “bloody” as much as
    they please. And about the Canadian remark, it’s for your
    inability to spell “humor” correctly. After all, you did say you
    were not a native.

  5. [maven]

    Either you’re taking this too seriously, you’re just taking the piss, or you are too stupid to find out on your own whether England has a “constitution” or how “humour” is spelt there.. 😉

  6. Hitokiri

    Damn Holden, you’re one picky, lonely and depressing guy. Bloddy is a term that can be used by anyone willing to.
    Being “English” isn’t a requirement to use the word. Now, if you weren’t ignorant, you’d know that Canadian English
    is the same as British English, meaning the spelling of “humour” is exactly the same in both nations.
    Now, I’m guessing that you were hopefully educated in some form or fashion…but it seems that I’m most possibly wrong.
    Please don’t leave stupid comments in others’ blogs…It just makes you look stupid.
    Now [maven], Beck is an awesome anime, and I totally agree with your perception, but what made you think it felt angsty
    during the first few episodes?

  7. [maven]

    Well… It’s hard to put in words (and wasn’t as evident in the manga) but I think it’s most likely down to Koyuki’s quiet indecisiveness and the bullying / blackmailing.

  8. chris

    oh man i love beck. hes a great singer. this show is totally stupid. i just found this site trying to look up beck. man this is way gay. why do u people spend your time looking at japanese anime. r u all so envious of the japanese and have no pride in ur on country. that is sad.

  9. Yoshi…..^Chris up there needs a life.

    I too was searching for Beck, but the beloved anime, not the terrible musician/artist/whatever you want to call him. Get a life, kid, no one asked you to like anime.

    P.S. I despise our country but love what it stands for, there’s a difference. Get educated.

  10. Peter

    “not the terrible musician/artist/whatever you want to call him”

    Have you ever heard any of his stuff? The man is amazing.

    Sucks how mangascreener stoped doing the manga, good thing anime empire took it up.

  11. Ed

    BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad rocks!

    It’s not just the music either, Koyuki also makes the anime worth watching in itself. You really do want to find out what he does next and how his relationship with the people around him goes.

  12. Dave

    I agree with Ed, the story of Koyuki itself is amazing, the band just makes it even better. Although at time its a little unrealistic but its a manga so its no biggy. Its been a while since i last saw a anime with so much depth in the story line, and cover so many different relationships at the same time. Wish they would continue to more than 26 episode though.

  13. rocker

    I think Beckis the koolest manga/anime/whatever ever :]
    I play the guitar and my friends tell me im to passionate(the word they used was obsessed XD ). Despite what my friends say this manga is awesome and I luv the detail put into drawing the guitars. BECK IS THE MANGA EVER!!!!!!

  14. GreatTO

    Well I’ve yet to read the manga….BUT it is the first thing in my “TO DO” list next year (which is in 2 days more or less). However I do think that BECK is one of the best series i’ve ever seen. I’m not too picky with the animation, if and only if, the story is good, and well BECK is just so great that i wasn’t bothered by it…i think that by the end i even like the animation alot too. Anyways, yeah BECK: MONGOLIAN CHOP SQUAD ROOOOCCKKSS!!

  15. Nina

    Agree 100% with all of you.

    BECK is one of the best animes i’ve ever seen, not only inside the music. I liked a lot the environments. This is one of the few animes that take in account a lot of details when talking about environments. But anyways, i am trying to get the soundtracks, can you help me out with a link?


  16. May

    BECK is the best! Ever!
    It takes me deep down ’till the end… The editing is nice, smooth but sure, so true with the rhythm.
    Yeah i’m still trying to get the soundtracks either, need some info here!

  17. sim

    if you have scanlations from chapter 80 til recent chapter please tell me where to get them..i ask you..:C

  18. Oji

    the scanlations up to chapter 81 can be found at:

    For you non-french speakers out there you don’t forget to click on the british flag above the menu to see the site in english.

    there are torrents for all the episodes of the anime there as well though i’m not quite sure how to get those working so i can’t verify that they’re valid.

  19. BECKaddict

    Damn it!I can’t find ep. 12 of beck damn i went 2 anime empire but the download is f*** and i dont like BT’s cause it takes too long to op[en them!

  20. Travis

    BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad is the best anime/manga ive ever seen. ive never read the manga or even concidered to. If any one is looking for the dl for the soundtrack or episodes go to im almost done watching the episodes i am on episode 20 Greatfull sound.

  21. evan

    Beck is prob. the best thing i have ever seen. i so wish the would make a new season. we should def. try to contact the producers or something

  22. chicknamedal

    OK, I’m a bit late, but bloody hell. The anime, which I stumbled across first, is excellent. I’ve never bought so much music from a show before now. So, I liked it…and then I read the manga. OMG. Sooo much better. Awesome. Both are good. No, wait. Both are freakin’ awesome.

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