Monthly Archives: November 2001

Battle Royale is one of the best films i’ve seen in a long, long time… while the backdrop is very unreal, the interactions between the characters are very believable (and well acted). the film also left me emotionally troubled (much like 12 Monkeys did, but in a different way). i also liked the ending song by Dragon Ash for some reason i cannot quite fathom. the R3 HK DVD is allright, but not perfect (not anamorphic, no overscan, slightly soft picture). watch this if you have the chance (and yes, i can see why the japanese parliament recommended not to watch this film, but i do not agree with them)!

also had a look at my R1 Star Wars Episode I DVD and it is excellently done, even most of the extras are anamorphic (in addition to the main feature, of course).