t_bit_file Struct Reference

Handle to a bit-stream file. More...

Data Fields

FILE * file
 Real file-handle when working with on-disk files.
unsigned char * buffer
 Buffer (or the input pointer) with data.
int idx
 Current position in buffer.
int bufsize
 Size of the buffer.
int bufleft
 How many valid bytes are currently in the buffer.
int bits_left
 Number of bits that are still available for us to read or have been written.
unsigned char mask
 Used as mask for bit_read(), count for bit_write().
unsigned char current_byte
 The current byte being read from / written to.
char rwmode
 Copy of the 1st entry of the mode-string from bit_open().
char own_buffer
 Whether we own (as in "need to free") the buffer.

Detailed Description

Handle to a bit-stream file.

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